Helping my daughter find financial aid since I cannot help her

  1. Hello, I joined this site of behalf of my daughter Amanda.

    Due to some unfortunate chain of events in this past few years I cannot afford to help her with her education, and at no fault of her own- she is the one suffering for it. It breaks my heart, she has done so well the first couple of years now, has even made Deans List At Mercy College of Nursing, and I cannot stand the thought of her not being able to continue! She works as a CNA in 3 different nursing homes, works at a pizza place here in our town and goes to school full time maintaing a 3.8 average. She has exhausted all the Federal Loan programs, they're all applied for and she has received her loans, however, since I cannot apply for the Parent Partnership Loan for her, and she let her Chase credit card go 60 days late for a payment this past fall she has to have a cosigner, we don't have much for family to ask for help, I was a single parent who's parents will not help since they vowed it would always be MY job to provide for her (which was fine by me, and I did, working for our State up until a recent disability) we are very limited with resources to begin with.
    My question is.. Does anyone know of alternate means of financial aid that she would qualify for?

    She already has work-study aid and employment (she has too many jobs anyway)

    Any assistance would be helpful, thank you kindly.
    Amanda's Mom
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  3. by   miya
    I'm sorry to hear that. I too am closing in on the end of my student loans and I don't have any financial safety net to coast me through the completion of my own education. The only alternative, once state and federal aid is tapped out, is to hustle up some scholarships. Websites like offer search engines. I believe does as well, but I"m not certain. Other than that, she may have to delay her education till she has some money saved up that will allow her to enroll in Mercy's financing program (I know it's a hefty downpayment though). Good luck.
  4. by   mishayla96
    i was going to suggest too. i know that they are a free site and you can go there (because i just did a few days ago myself ) and apply for scholarships once you answer a few questions. there are scholarships for all sorts of stuff on that site. you could just do a "search" on google or something for scholarships. and maybe she can ask the people at school in the "guidance" office or something what else she can do. good luck to the both of you... i hope something comes her way
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  5. by   KrisRNwannabe
    when I did not recieve any financial aid for my school (not even fed loans) i turned to private loans. do a search on the web. i found several that did not award you money based on your tution but gave you pretty much what you wanted. so you could pay for living expenses, computers, books, etc. i took 30k so i could quit my job and concentrate on school. good luck
  6. by   mishayla96
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i found out yesterday afternoon that my financial aid file was dropped. anyway i was talking to a friend of mine who told me that if the school does not change their decision upon my appeal that i should go to supposively they have loans and they give to everyone, even for things like living expenses, child care, etc. maybe that would help?! again, good luck! :spin: