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  1. Hey all I am new to this board. I need a little help and advice. I am an LPN with that being said I have an issue(as if being an LPN is not enough of one) I do plan on going back to school very soon!! With that being said. I worked for a VERY large hospital in PA. A pt was extremely ill and I gave Zofran IV because as usual the DON and the charge nurse were not on the unit. I caused no harm. The adminstrator turned me into the state and filed a complaint against me. This was the first and only time I had ever done this and will never do it again!!!!!! The RN on duty signed it off in the MARS and all was well until a certian person found out and turned me in. It was a long horrible and drawn out story. Now I need to answer to the charges what should I do?
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    Welcome. Good luck to you. What you do is between you, your employer and the BON, and perhaps a good lawyer familiar with nurses law. We do not offer this kind of advice. I'm sorry this has happened.
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