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  1. Hi, my name is Cynthia i graduated from the university of PuertoRico in 2001 and transfered to MD, i have failed the nclex 3x,s and am seriously considering going back to nursing school. I was a 3.4gpa nursing student in a nursing program which could never compare to the US programs, but since we were military stationed there and i wanted to start school i thought it was a good idea to start there nmever thinking it would be much different form the US.I have been working with a plastic surgeon that has me working under an RN and i have obtained a CNA lic., reading all the info on nclex i am even more inclined to maybe say goodbye to my RN dream since the test is going to get harder!!! If anyone has any kind words of advise i would really like to hear them
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  3. by   BlueYYsRN
    First relax...dont give up anything yet...boards are tough there is no question about it. You need to have good test-taking skills and everyone knows that just because you can take a test doesn't mean you are a good nurse. Well the opposite is true. Just because you might not be the best test-taker doesn't mean you won't be a fantastic nurse! Maybe the fact that you have failed the boards really reflects on your test-taking skills. Check into some of the classes you can take that prepare you for boards and if you are uncertain about your schooling then perhaps you should look into the RN refresher courses that are offered by community colleges for RNs returning to the profession. No matter what I know you had to put a lot into nursing school and you shouldn't throw that away because of some bad test days. Now go and conquer!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Agree with above poster. Try a refresher course...good luck.