Help don't know what route to take!!!

  1. I need help! I graduated from college in 2008 with a BS in criminal justice now 4 years later I want to go back to school to become a RN.

    Being a criminal justice major I really have no science classes and I graduated with a 2.5 gpa. (I know not the best at all!!) I dont know what route to take I have been researching every possible quickest and cheapest route. I was looking into a private lvn program first so I can work while getting a RN and its quick but the problem with this route is that it is expensive and I have been reading that its hard to find a job as a lvn and the if you want to bridge you still have to do your pre requisites to get into a RN program.

    Then I looked into doing accelerated program and also just going to a cc and going straight for a RN but the wait is so long!!!. I have no idea what route to take!!!

    The lvn route looks the best to me but I am scared I am not gonna be able to find a job after and will be stuck with debt and I heard the average pay in socal (I live in the KA area) is not that good.

    I am so confused!!!!

    If anyone has suggestion to the best route or that they think of becoming a lvn would love to hear!!!! Please help!!!
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    Welcome to the site, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~
  4. by   GitanoRN
    First of all allow me to congratulate you on your criminal justice degree. However, like you stated previously your GPA places you in the lower rank of future nursing applicants. Having said that, if I were you I would try to bring up the GPA in order to look more appealing to the nursing program to whom you will be applying for. Moreover, the LVN program is only one year in some states and some community colleges do offer the LVN to ADN program. Therefore, once you're through with your LVN you're able to go right into the ADN at the same college without any waiting involved. Unquestionably, the LVN job marketing is very scarce these days, most of the facilities that are still hiring LVN and LPN's are Nursing Homes. With that in mind, I would do a little research in your area, for example check with the temporary medical agencies, nursing homes, out patient clinics (OPC), private medical practices etc. just to get a feel of what can you expect once you graduate. In addition, you could volunteer to work at a nursing home, and get to know the nurse manager (NM) this way you'll be inform if any future openings come available. In conclusion, stay focus and don't let anyone stand in the way of your goals, as I send you a warm hug from across the miles... Aloha~
  5. by   NottaSpringChik
    Corrections hires LVN.
  6. by   niteguy65
    Look in your area for an accelerated program and apply to their it is quick and you can be done in about 12 18 months. Also since you already have your bs you could look at a MSN program in nursing and with that you could become a ARNP which you help you out greatly. hope this helps you some. I am speaking from expiernce because I am a LPN and the jobs are just not out there for you to work and go to school

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