1. Hi, I'm new to this site and decided I would go ahead and join. I just recently graduated LPN school and took the NCLEX yesterday. I passed (thank goodness) but I noticed that my expiration is sooner than some of the other people in my class that passed as well. Does this have to do with how well you did on the NCLEX? I'm confused... mine expires late 2007 while other people from my class their license expires in 2009. Someone please help me understand this??
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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    The expiration date has nothing to do with how well you did on the NCLEX. What it does deal with, is your birthday. Depending on what month you were born in, depends on when you need to reregister.

    It would be a good idea to look on your states BON website and they might be able to explain it further.

    Congrats on passing!
  4. by   PetraLPN
    My birthday is August of next year.. but why would mine expire next year and some of the others in my class expire in 2009?? I know they have birthday's in 2007 just like everyone else!
  5. by   Tweety
    It's random. They don't want everyone renewing at the same time and assign different years to different people. It does seem strange though they have significantly longer to renew.

    But the point is, it has nothing to do with your NCLEX results they only care that you passed....end of discussion.

  6. by   PetraLPN
    Thank you very much. I called the BON today and found out that depending on when your birthday is and when your license was issued matters, apparently RN's have even years and LPN's have odd years to renew their licenses... being that my license was issued to me today and my bday is August of next year.. it has to be renewed by August 31st, but if my birthday was Jan of next year I would have to renew it in 2009-the next odd year. It just had me worried, I thought that maybe they didn't think I was "competent" enough to go all the way to 2009 like some of the others in my class received their expiration for. I was all wrong about it though and my mind is at ease. Thank you :-)