1. hello, my name is michelle. I am a returning to school, wife and mom of four. I am really eager to finish all the prereqs, but holy cow- i stayed out way too long.. I am going to a community college to help with some of the costs, and working at Olive Garden serving, hosting and whatever I can to get the extra money- how do you pay for all of this stuff? Anyone able to help me get through the financial and scholarship part? I tried going to the fininacial aid office and administrators...not to mention the women's center-but they all said the same... we made too much money last year and that there isn't enough financial need for us. Just to see if that was the case, I filled out an application in my husband's name....wouldn't you guess he's worth $1750 a semester towards the pre-nursing program! Talk about a slap in the face! where's the scissors on the red tape?
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  3. by   Tweety
    I know what you mean. I returned to school as an RN so didn't qualify for any aid whatsoever and struggle with the tuition of my school. I bite the bullet and got student loans, which will equal about $50.00/month for ten years when I'm finished.

    Here's a link to the student forum with some ideas. Good luck.