1. I am new to this website. Can anyone help me? I have take the entrance test to the Lpn program at two different schools and I cant seem to get in. i scored good. My math might need help. Has anyone else had this trouble. there is another chance for me to take it again in jan of 07. should i study and not worry about the test before. anyone have any ideas to help me. i currently work as a cna. i attended kent state in ohio but had to quit. i got all a's and b's. i was pre-nursing but there was a waiting list. i wish i know what i was doing wrong. i greatly appreicate any and all help anyone has to offer. i am really discouraged this has been my life dream to be a nurse i love helping others and i feel it my heart this is what i should be doing but i can't get into any program. HELP ME PLEASE

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    Welcome. To Allnurses. Good luck!