1. How do I apply for a RN (pediatric oncologist registered nurse)program?

    How do I prepare for my interview?

    Where are schools that have a RN program?

    What are the "best" RN programs?

    What are the differences between RN schools?

    Can I work during school?

    How do I finance RN schooling?

    How much does a RN earn?

    When should I sign a contract?

    What should I consider if I am considering signing a contract before finishing school?

    What are the employment prospects for RN's?

    Where do RN's work?

    How many hours does a RN work on average?

    What does a RN do?

    Other Sites for RN Information:

    ok My name is monica I am sophmore at High School of Medical Professions. I love science (not math, well only when I understand it).
    I signed up to this site because it's interesting reading about all this things that you guys write and of course the questions. The questions above are for anybody who is an RN and has had experience with children and in the oncology area. I am doing a research project for my Chemistry/ Anatomy & Physiology teacher on Pediatric Oncologist Registered Nurse. I love horses, sports, reading, etc. I listen to all kinds of music (especially country, alternative, oldies,R&B and classical when studying lol) (i'm such a nerd)

    Well i hope someone answers! thank you
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