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    A pleasant day to everyone hanging around ths website!

    It's my first time to be a member here and i hope in a few days i will meet more friendly people. I would appreciate if u call me teg'z and i hope to hear from all of u soon.

    Well at this time i need a piece of advice regarding my entry status as a nurse in the UK. Let me share to u a brief overview about my case and i hope that you can provide answers or a good suggestion to some of my queries.

    After I graduated from BSN last march 2003, i took the nursing licensure exam in the philippines in june of the same yr. When the exam result was out I'm glad that i passed it, i then decided not to pursue my nursing career in Saudi, although i already spent that much for my application i declined because i'm not yet ready to leave my family. Since during this time my mother was pregnant at her age of 46. It was high risk pregnancy and i can't afford to exchange my work with my love for them. Then in the month of september 2003 i volunteered as a nurse in the maternity hospital where my mother successfuly gave birth to my baby brother who just recently turned 1 yo. after 6 months of work in that hospital, i resigned in march 5, to have a short time for review in march 10, 2004 scheduled CGFNS exam in cebu. Luckily I passed the CGFNS and moved to my next plan to take the IELTS exam which is another minimum requirement for a nurse to work in the USA. By May 2003 I flew back to cebu city for the IELTS exam and luckily I passed. Cebu city s a very challenging place to work, its a huge modern city. So I decided to stay in cebu instead, where I rented an appartment near the hospital I worked for 1 month. I have a good reason for leaving it's because I need to have a time to process my application in the UK. I don't have an agency, I applied on my own expense. I'm already here in UK and currently i'm still waiting for my NMC (nursing and midwifery council) approval. I'm aware that i can't work as a nurse here in the UK unless my NMC is approved. I know it will take a while but i can patiently wait for it. My major concern right now, is to find a temporary job while waiting for the NMC. I have few questions that I urgently require your advice.

    1. I have a work permit dependent, can you please tell me if i still need to apply for my work permit to be eligible to work here?

    2. I'm really interested to go on trainings or seminars for nurses here in the UK, please tell me where i can apply, do u know any related links?

    3. I'm also willing to volunteer temporarily to enhance my nursing skills. Please advice me regarding the existing organizations in the UK where i can join?

    4. As you can see i have only 7 months hospital experience however i passed the minimum requirement for a foreign nurse to work in the UK. I've been thinking of working as a support worker or a nursing assistant for the mean time. how can this be possible?

    please feel free to email me alexi_xandra@yahoo.com
    or alternatively contact me 01628770911 or +447979811218 during working hours.

    thank you in advance

    love, teg'z
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    Hi just wanted to welcome you here. I can't give you the advice you need, but be sure and post some of these questions to the international nursing boards; bet they can help you there. And there is a member, Suzanne, who is very well-versed on visas, and practicing abroad. Best of luck to you.
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    Welcome to All Nurses