Hello to everyone!

  1. I am glad to be a part of this nursing world!

    Hello to all of you.
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  3. by   jojo77
    Hi. I'm a new user and not really sure how this works. just thought I'd say hi to everyone and good luck in school!
  4. by   nurseangel47
    Hello newbies and
    I'm new here also and have loved reading this site since about three months or so ago...can't wait to go premium member when I save up the cash!
    Have been in nursing for 20 yrs. now
    this site is just about addictive for me! I have found lots of moral and emotional support by just reading the posts!
    Thank God for allnurses!
  5. by   Tweety
    Thanks for taking the time to say hello. Welcome to Allnurses!
  6. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! Enjoy the discussions.
  7. by   sming
    I am new too, and am not sure how this works either...
  8. by   huguito
    To all newbies (like me): welcome to this wonderful house!
    Greetings from Portugal
  9. by   allantiques4me
    HI everyone! Im fairly new to this also.So far its been really fun and informative.