Hello to everyone , I just found the site today so I'm also new

  1. Hello all, I am a LVN/LPN currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix online degree program, I am studing for a BS in Health Care Adminstration. I will graduate in July next year, and will finish my degree in October. Then my plans are to find another University where I can go for my RN online from a LVN to BS. I am hoping to do all of this within the next 3 years. That will hopefully give me 15 more years in the working world as a nurse. You really need to become a RN now days to get a good job. I know that when I graduated in 84, the DRG's went into effect and a lot of new students LVN's became discouraged. But I have had great sucesses in my 22 years of nursing. Geriatrics in LTC and Pedi home health. My problem is I became emotionally attached to my patients. So the office enviorment is much better in that regard. I want to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving and if I don't ever talk to anyone online a very Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year. Any one wanting to talk I have yahoo and AIM. But my homework is always first.
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    Good luck to you in all that you. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Thanks for the greeting.. Hope to talk more with you. But right now an assignment is beckoning me to get it done. I have a recrutement paper due on monday!
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    to allnurses!