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  1. hi everyone,

    i am new to all nurses and new to nursing as well. i am actually starting my nursing career the day after tomorrow after finishing uni a month ago. i am very nervous about the future of whether i can handle the pressure. i am starting at a surgical ward for my first rotation and i was wondering if anyone out there could tell me some encouraging and comforting words. i am also really excited to be a part of the world of nursing and meeting all the other nurses with all the great experiences.Good day to everyone.

    From Australia,

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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!

    Relax about the future. There's too much going on today.
  4. by   poohsey2
    Hello! I have been a nurse for seven years next month. I started on a very busy med/surg ward as well. Trust me you will thank yourself later. I can't sugar coat it and tell you that it will be wonderful all the time, but it will lay a foundation of nursing experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Prepare yourself for long, hard days, but remember you will be a better nurse because of it.
  5. by   ahz0317
    Hello, I Have Worked As An Lvn On A Med-surg Floor In A Hospital For Almost 14 Yrs. I Went Back To School And Finished School In Dec. 2005, And The Problem Is I Can't Seem To Pass The Nclex Test Given By Pearson Vue. I Have Tried Multiple Times And Have Recieved A Letter From The Ncsbn And I Was Told That I Have Too Much Experience That Is Why I Can't Pass The Test. I Have Adhd And Had Not Been On Meds Until Recently For Adhd. I Have Had A Learning Disability And Was Test When In Lvn School Per My Instructors Request. I Then Was Told I Also Have Dyslexia. I Need Help As To What I Can Do To Get This Test Passed. I Have Been Really Discouraged Lately. I Am Helping New Nurses Do Their Job Because They Don't Have Any Nursing Experience. Anybody Have Any Advise For Me? I Have A Degree I Can't Even Use Because I Can't Get Past This Test.
  6. by   AlbertaBlue
    I agree with Poosey2...starting out in med/surg is the best thing you can do to become confident in your practice. I also cannot say that it was easy starting out as a nurse, however, I must say that I have learned a lot about medicine in the four years that I have worked as a nurse. I have been on a combined medical and surgical ward during that entire time - what I have found is that it has been great to get experience as both a medical and surgical nurse because the nursing hats are different for these different population groups. I know that in the present climate of nursing shortages it has become necessary to hire new grad's into critical care areas like ICU, CCU, and Emerg...while this may seem quite exciting...it is really a shame that so many new grad's recruited into these areas are missing out on their foundational nursing experiences that med/surg provides. I would not have wanted to start out anywhere else but med/surg...I am so much stronger as a nurse today because of it. Good luck to you...and always know that you are not alone...you will one day become someone else's mentor!!:spin:
  7. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to the group; we're glad you joined us!