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  1. Hello RNs Just wanted to address everyone appropriately and introduce myself. I am not computer savvy so if you received somethat that only a 56yo nurse should get, e-mail for my home number!! I completed the nurse exams when EC was the Univ of the State of NY in 1984. Unfortunately as a single MOM of 3 I REALLY couldnot afford the clinical. Fortunately however I have a former 10yr Marine jumpmaster and owner of his own trucking company and another son with his teaching certification and persuing his masters in education. Now it's my turn again and I am fired-up, never any regrets. So LPNs let's kick some boo-tay, study diligently and get what we know we deserve, those initials.(RN)
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses! So you are in a LPN-to-RN program?