Hello Nurses and Soon-To-Be Nurses!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am Abegail, 21 years young and currently in my 4th (and hopefully, the final) year in BS Nursing.

    I'm a new member here, just about 3-4 days ago. I was "accidentally" directed to this website in my never-ending search for Congestive Heart Failure. Talk about preparation for pre-op case presentations...

    Anywayz, I would just like to share to everyone how I have fallen in love with nursing. It was originally my parents choice, not mine, for me to take up nursing. After a long debate , physical manipulations :smiley_ab , and financial deprivations , they finally managed to drag me in to school, while I was kicking and screaming in my frustrated attempt to escape the hideous nursing building (which to me, looked like a torture chamber from a distance).

    I take back all of my bitter words against nursing. I love every second of hospital duty that I was exposed to. I learned many things, apart from the usual pathophysiology and medical-surgical nursing I devour every day in school. The most important lesson I have learned is the value of LIFE itself. :redpinkhe

    Whenever I am on hospital duty, I nurse my patients not only because it is my duty to do so, but also because I feel this strong sense of compassion to serve the sick and the disabled with all that I can do.

    Yes, it may sound cheesy... But that is how I feel, now that I am in my final year in college.

    Cheers for me!

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    Welcome to allnurses.com! Nice to meet you.

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    Good luck to you!! Welcome to Allnurses!