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  1. Hello everyone! As you can tell by my name I'm pursuing a career as a CNA, it will be my stepping stone into an LPN program in the future. In fact I want to use my CNA salary to help pay for the LPN program, God willing I pass the entrance exam! I am currently studying independently for that using a guidebook to the NET exam. I even decided to take the CNA course at the same school that has the LPN program just so I become familiar with the campus and teachers.

    The great majority of CNA jobs in my area deal with the geriatric community either in nursing homes or long term care facilities. My question is, I want to make sure I work for a professional and law abiding staff, so what exactly can I look for that are indicators of a good facility? I am in PA and about two years ago in the news there was a scandal about a nursing home here that abused their patients as well as neglected them. I really don't want to end up in a place like that.

    Any advice on what will tip me off that a facility is doing it's job and living up to high standards would be greatly appreciated!

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