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  1. Hi. I'm an LPN of 1 year. I am currently working as a Home Health Nurse with a 10 month old boy who has anoxic brain injury, seizure disorder, and esophageal reflux. I just started Home Health Care after working in a Nursing Home facility. I want to someday work in a pediatric office or in a ped unit at a hospital. Right now I am doing Home Health because I am Cont my Ed at Excelsior to get an Associate Degree. Is there anyone else in Home Health, taking CE at Excelsior or another Distant learning college or works in Peds? I would like to corresponde with you.
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    hello & welcome
    hope you enjoy the threads, your input will be valued.
    my name is angela. i am an lpn of 14 years and i work with an agency- staff relief per diem. i live in sw virginia & love allnurses.com
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    Welcome to the BB!!!!
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    Hi! Welcome! Good luck with your career goals!
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    Hi. Welcome to All Nurses! You might get more answers if you post your question in another forum with a new title on your thread!