Hello!!! New Student Nurse!!!

  1. Hi! I am a newly accepted student nurse. I am soooooooo nervous. Any advice yall have would be awesome. My info is: Holli, female, 20, single, in third year of college, Arkansas, anything else........I guess just talk to me...
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  3. by   suzy253
    Just welcoming you aboard Holli. I'm a student nurse myself. I'm sure you'll find this board very helpful.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Holli! Come on over to the student nurse forum here on the site!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to allnurses from this "old" nurse!
  6. by   arkansas_girl
    Thank Yall!
  7. by   Omegaqueen1121
    Quote from arkansas_girl
    Thank Yall!
    Welcome Holli

    Good Luck to you ! Congratulations Be prepaded for the long study hours, dosge calcualtion and oh yes, clinical but its worth it in the long run ! Again Welcome and feel free to surf and chat!
  8. by   milenko
    What do you love about nursing?

    Do you love what you do?

    Do you love the way residents smile?

    These are not questions pulled out of thin air. They directly affect our productivity, our attitudes, our income, our success and our fulfilment -- not to mention our longevity in our profession.

    Many care home staff are reluctant to come to grips with why they are in nursing and why they are in their present job. Some people will respond, "I'm in it for the money." Some will say, "I need the money." Others will respond, "I have bills to pay and debt to overcome."

    But where's the passion? If you don't love what you do, you're doing no one a favour by staying in your present position. Your attitude and morale will be negative, you'll complain about everything and you'll blame everyone else for your unhappiness and inadequacy.

    Also, your boss will be all over you to increase your numbers. And customers will be upset about your lack of attention. In general, you will rise only to a level of mediocrity.

    Are you thinking yet?

    Some people in nursing hate their job but stay because they "make a lot of money." That's the worst reason to keep a job. When money is your motive, then your just putting in your time without regard to building key relationships -- a formula for long-term disaster.

    You may have some short-term success, but when you're home at night, you'll be drowning your misery in television, beer and anything but preparation for the next day. You can get away with that behaviour for a short time, but in the end, you'll be looking in the "Help Wanted" section of the paper or posting your resume online, hoping for a better opportunity.

    It's interesting that people in nursing that are looking for a better opportunity are the very ones not looking in their own back yard. Most people fail to realize that when they become the best they can be, they will attract the right energy, rather than having to fight for it.

    It's about becoming the best you can be in each job you commit to. If you're going to leave for another job, why don't make your mark before you walk out the door?

    If things are low or mediocre where you are now, what makes you think they will be better someplace else? The formula involves more than simply loving what you do; it's also about possessing the skills to do what you love (or dedicating yourself to getting them).

    Once you've determined what you love to do and dedicate yourself to getting the skills, the third part is about believing. You must believe in your company, service -- and in yourself. That way, your message will be delivered so enthusiastically that others will catch your passion. A deep self-belief will create enthusiasm and passion.

    The final component is your attitude. Attitude starts from within. It's the mood you're in when you wake up in the morning, the mood you stay in all day long and the mood you're in when you go to bed.

    But attitude is not a feeling. It is a lifelong dedication to the study of positive thought and the character/charisma that you display as you interact with others. If it's not internal, it can never be external.

    Here's a challenge starting today, instead of looking at the negatives try and compliment someone or make the time to help them with their work load without grumping at the end of the day.