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  1. Hi, I'm Rebecca Student LVN (for a few more months).
    I'm in my second semester of school now and we are doing Maternal/ Neonatal, Pediatrics , MedSurg and Pharmacy. Last semester we had the Aand P, Math, Gerontology, Mental, Basics and Fundamentals...
    I really like it. and I think I'm going to make it if nothing drastic changes with our tests..haha.
    I've been working on our NCLEX-PN disk that come with a workbook and alot of the answers didn't match what we learned in school. For example, It says not to use alcohol preps to clean a finger before a blood sugar fingerstick.. I have heard that before, years ago but it's always done that way.. hmmm??
    Well anyway, it's late but I really look forward to getting to know some people here and posting more often.
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    Welcome to allnurses Rebecca
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    Welcome to All Nurses