Hello New Graduate From NYC

  1. hello every1!!

    my name is Soleigh, from nyc-recently graduated nursing school,..I've heard so much about this community and truly want to be a part of it!! couldn't really follow tutorial video-(so ashamed!), would luv 2 get brief "all nurses 4 dummies" cliff note kind of description as to how and what some1 can do with this forum!!..lol there are so many links and portals-not sure where to start!,..i'm a new grad with with alot of questions. wanna know about links or resources o find out about nclex prep, and info on the different areas one can specialize-(I don't know where to specialize!-how do u know what's right for you?)-i would also love info on where one can volunteer and get in the mix!!-i'm very eager but afraid of jumping hastily into this field and making a big mistake!!-do i seem a little overexcited?, think i should slow down? I don't know!! i would appreciate any advice one can give!!!

    Hope 4 an update soon!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi and welcome to the site.

    If you can't get the video to work then there are links at the bottom of all AN pages that offer help and also a site map with links to speciality forums, student forums (where you can find a NCLEX forum) etc
  4. by   leeviaRN
    hi there, im too a new grad jan, took the boards in april..hard pressed to find a job..how r you doing?
  5. by   caliotter3
    You can usually find your way around by clicking here and clicking there!