Hello my fellow nurses!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I have been a lurkeron here for a couple of years but in the last few months I have been slightly addicted I have been a nurse for almost 16 years. I started my career as an LPN in LTC. After 1 1/2 years a was hired by one of the local hospitals. I worked there on the Orthopedic/Joint Replacement unit for 14 years.

    I was recently(3 weeks ago) terminated from my job for tardies. Many of these were in my opinion trumped up charges to get rid of me after I filed for FMLA due to Fibromyalgia. To add insult to injury, they are now fighting my for my unemployment. Imagine all those years of loyalty and they don't even care if my family eats. I went back to school 2 x while continuing to work full time and remained loyal to my unit and stayed there even when I had more options open to me. I am now an RN,BSN. I am also working on my Master's degree and may become a Geriatric Nurse Practioner.

    Today I had a wonderful interview at a LTC facility. Guess what? It was the very first place I worked at right out of school! Except it smelled nicer and they are better staffed and I really hope i get the job. I'll keep ya posted on that note.

    I am from Southwestern WV. Yes I am a redneck, don't hold it against me! I am also a redhead! I am married for 22 yrs now and have 3 children. Tyler(21), Lakin(20), and Jacob(almost 18), he's also the only one left at home.
    I am 41 yrs old and yes I started young having kids(that's the way we do it down here!-just kidding).

    Anyway, I feel like I am getting ready to start a whole new life. I was getting so burnt out at the hospital but I wouldn't leave cuz of the pay and the insurance. Sometimes god just has to give us a swift kick so we'll listen and see what other wonderful things he has in store for us. Oh, my name is Lisa. Nice to meet you all!
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    welcome back Lisa