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  1. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have recently retired and been writing a few memoirs, about psychiatric nursing in the 1960s , a bit of midwifery and most recently my experiences as a community night nurse. I do have a link direct straight to this site, if its okay to put it on--maybe I should check first. The district nursing could be entitled "Where the Heart Isnt" because ehre in Yorkshire there was a really silly series about district nurses on tv, showing them wnaderinga roudn in twos giving bedbaths to all and sundry and ahving cups of tea at every visit. It created a very misleading image! I hope my book is nearer the mark--its called Ladies of the Night. I did get the psychiatric article(shortened version of novel) published in the Journal of Community Nursing.And had other publications but I need an outlet for Ladies!!!!!!!!

    Anyway I hope this wesbite will make me new friends and keep me "in touch"

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    Welcome to Allnurses! Good luck!
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    That is true, Tweety. I have many happy memories since 1962 when I started my career, and things I think it is good to make a written record of, but if something really wrong is done to a person in their career it has to be addressed or the problem will continue .My work colleague and I have collaborated on Ladies of the Night--it is a bit on the lines of James Heriot and Fred Secombe--some of it just could not help being funny! That is not to disrespect what is not !
    Today I was a bit embarrassed as my car has been in for repairs, when I went to collect it I found the cd rom "Ladies of the Night" on the car seat--it had been in the glove compartment where the car records were kept !I was taking it to a f riend when I broke down. I hastened to assure the garage that it was not a "dickipoggy" cd but an account of district nursing overnight! I am not sure if they believed me . Talk about a red face!

    The book is on Microsoft word, I am now putting out details to all publishers!

    Take care and if youa re still nursing, good luck--you will need it if its owt like the one I've left!