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  1. Hi everyone, Looking for information on an on-line program that gets me my RN degree. I am an EMT-Basic for 12 years and work on a professional ambulance in CT part-time. I have a BSEE and MBA-accounting and looking towards a career change - from an aerospace field to the medical filed. I find it a very rewarding field and am excited about the opportunity! Please help! Thanks!!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    there are accelerated programs that are limited to lpn and paramedic don't know what state yu are in or whether it is offered in your area..
  4. by   CT Pixie
    Hi and welcome from a fellow Connecticut person and former EMT-B. I don't believe (I could be wrong..wouldn't be the first time :chuckle ) that an EMT-B can do the accelerated programs. Normally its the Paramedics and LPN's who can do online classes w/clinicals on site.

    I am am a CNA, EMT, and Health Claims Analyst and I'll be starting my LPN classes on March 12th.

    Welcome aboard!
  5. by   bobbyd
    Thanks Chatsdale and CT Pixie for your info. I just sent requests for info to a couple of the on-line programs to see what they have to offer. I just don't want to start from scratch - since I have my BS and MS degrees already. Keep you posted on the progress! Thanks again!
  6. by   suzanne4
    You do not need to start from scratch, but the Excelsior program that would be the closest to what you are looking for requires that you have the paramedic certification, or be an LPN already. Any other programs that are strictly on-line may cause you problems with them being accepted for licensure in most states, even the Excelsior program is not accepted in all.

    Your science required courses will need to be done, since you did not have much normally in your program for EE as far as biology and physiology. Since you have a BS, you can either go thru an accelerated program or the a direct entry MSN, but you will not find either of those on-line.
  7. by   bobbyd
    Thanks suzanne4! Great info. Yeah, I was just looking into the Regis University MSN program and agree that's probably the path I will need to take. I'll talk with them on Monday to see what they have to offer. I agree the science classes I'll need to take as well. Thanks for your insight!!
  8. by   bobbyd
    Well, I have been in several discussions with various schools and it looks like if I am going to go into a nursing program (on-line) the best/easiest path will be to get my paramedic license then do the RN bridge program. I was not looking to do that but looks like my only alternative. There are a few paramedic programs around - they run about 16 months. Pretty intense program. So it looks like 16 months + before I can join the nursing field. Bummmmer! Wanted to thank everyone responding to my thread! Talk to you soon.
  9. by   darave
    Have you looked at the Regis College program? off 128 in MA, not too hard to get to from CT. with your college credits, you would take the GREs and get a BSN in 2 years or maybe less, and then another year for a Masters. go on line and look it up! I've had emails from the admission people, they could not be more helpful. good luck.
  10. by   bobbyd
    Thanks for the info. I will certainly go and review this option. I will keep you posted on the ouotcome.

  11. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
  12. by   bobbyd
    Thanks. I really look forward to this journey. Its an excellent field and enjoy all the good things that nurses bring to the lives of many people!!