Hello, im not a nurse but was wondering if i could speak to one :)

  1. HI my name is kat, last wenesday i had my gallbladder removed, and everything was ok and fine...(they did it laproscpoictly) then yesterday i was having severe pain in my tonsil and a touch of the fever...so i toughed it out because i had my follow up appointment this morning...( its midnight where i live) Ever since my surgery i havent been able to sleep well or at all sometimes...last night being the worst...when it was funially time to get up i couldnt swallow anything and its just my tonsis that hurt, they are covered in white spots and puss junk...also my fever has not gone down once touch in 2 days no matter what i do...sitting steady at 102.8...myheadache has turnd into a migrane and has also not gone away in 2 days...im starving but i cannot eat or drink because of the pain...I saw my doctor this mornign and he took a swab and sent have the results till the 26th..he gave me some antibiotics and this green gargle stuff that tastes like floor cleaner and mint....i have taken more than the maximum doasge of extra streght tylenol and it has not done a darn thing...ive been in constant pain now for about a week (with the surgery and my tonsils) im having more pain now than i was after the surgery....and im having a hard time keeping myself 2gether....im 17 and live on my own, i got to school and work 2 jobs

    now after that big long speech i have a couple questions that im hoping someone can answear for me

    -Any idea whats wrong with me lol
    -Is it possible i need to go to the hospital
    -How long is the longest a fever lasts without concern
    -and any other practical tips you could give me

    Thanks so much.....Much love
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry but per the Terms of Service of this forum, we are unable to give you any medical advice on this forum. Suggest that you follow up with your medical provider.