Hello, I'm a new kid on the block.....

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am new to this website....I have read alot of information up here and enjoy hearing about all the events going on in your work lives. I am attending school now and hopefully will be accepted into the RN program this coming fall semester. I won't find out if I am accepted until June and the wait is killing me! Anyway, I am trying to start a new career at the age of 40 (soon to be 41) and I hope I can survive all the courses. I live in NC and I am married with a house full of children. Look forward to one day being able to share my stories about nursing with all of you.
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  3. by   lil' girl
    Welcome and good luck
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    Welcome to allnurses!!!
  6. by   sunnyjohn
    Welcome to allnurses! :Melody:
  7. by   AKAKatydid
    Welcome aboard!
    Isn't waiting for that acceptance awful? Time seems to slow down!
    Looking forward to you joining me over in the student corner!