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  1. hello im jend 22, nursing student thanks to this site read some good info's. more power!

    Few Suggested Tips to Lower Health Insurance

    1. Avoid changing insurance companies if you currently have a medical condition which is being treated or may reoccur. This is because your new plan may not cover that condition because of the pre-existing clauses in most expatriate health plans.
    2. Check any health policies you already have very, very carefully. Find out if your coverage extends to emergency medical services outside the country, what that coverage entails and whether that coverage is adequate if something goes terribly wrong on your holiday.
    3. Try to personalize your policy. Think carefully about the kind of coverage you need. Are you pregnant? Is this a skiing holiday? Are you traveling with children? Are you a diabetic? All of these factors will play an important role in your choice of policies and they must be considered very carefully. For example, did you know that many policies don't automatically cover pregnancy-related conditions or nursery care for premature infants?
    4. Do your research . Allow the same time and consideration for picking your policy as you would to deciding on a destination, shopping for your airline ticket or buying a backpack that's just right for you. The wrong backpack can mean a sore back. Choosing the wrong insurance could mean thousands and thousands of dollars in unnecessary debt!
    5. If you smoke even one or two cigarettes a year, you'll still be considered a smoker. Failure to answer honestly to this question may void the life or disability contract in the event of a claim. Please note that some insurance companies have the same rates regardless of whether you smoke or not.
    6. It’s also worth noting the difference between family limits and single limits. Some products limit the number of times a family can claim for some services.

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