Hello greetings, I am a puerto rican traveling nurse working in florida....

  1. Hello,

    Just want to say hello to all puerto rican nurses out there. Iam new to this thing. I would like to know if any puerto rican nurses have taking the nclex yet? Is it hard? Thanks..............
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck to you!
  4. by   islander/242
    just registered a while ago. I'm from the philippines. how's the weather up there
  5. by   chulaesrunRN
    Hello, I am a reg. nurse working in Fl. new to the area for about 1 year....born in P.R. reply as to what area of nursing you are working at and how long you have been a nurse and what issues you have noticed here.....
  6. by   chaguita
    :spin: I'm a puerto rican nurse too,living in florida.I took the test two months ago and I didn't pass,which doesn't bother me at all because I studied hard,on my own and I complete the whole test and my results were that I was close to the passing standard.I have no work experience since I graduated in 2003 (PR).All that you need is a good study plan, a good review,it could be a book,review course live or online.I used NCLEX RN REVIEW MADE INCREDIBLE EASY 3rd EDITION,LIPPINCOTTT (book),PRIORITIZATION,DELEGATION AND ASSIGMENT PRACTICE EXERCISES FOR MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING (MOSBY);this one it is a very good practice focus on management of care.Also you have to practice a lot of questions, for that I used NCELX RN QUESTIONS & ANSWERS MADE INCREDIBLE EASY 3rd EDITION and NCLEX-RN 250 NEW FORMAT QUESTIONS(LIPPINCOTT).Don't forget to study medications(as much as you can) and if you want to have a clear idea of how the test works get NCLEX-RN STRATEGIES FOR THE REGISTERED NURSING LICENSING EXAM 2007 EDITION, this one I borrowed from the library and you can buy used books at amazon.com.Visit the library they good references in there.I hope this info will help you and remember don't stress yourself and you have the power to do it,even if you don't pass the first time,don't worry you will