hello from washington dc

  1. hello everyone, greetings from washington dc. i am a nurse in a trauma 1 hospital. of course i'm overworked and underpaid. i am the doctor, code nurse, nursing assistant, administrator, admissions clerk, housekeeper, transporter, code nurse, lawyer, social worker, minister, secretary, maid, waitress, teacher, babysitter, referee, psychiatrist [sp?], momma, daddy,
    and u know if anything goes wrong, u know whose fault it is.
    i often wonder why do they call it RN? DOES THAT STAND FOR REAL NUT?


    our pt's and their situation can be very hilarious or very sad. most of ours are hilarious! it makes the day go by fast. one suicide attempt stated his plan to kill himself was to hold his breath.
    administration per usual dont have a clue to how to run an er.

    i read somewhere that after a nurse has worked for 20 years she should be eligible for a retirement pension like the military, that sounds like a plan to me, anyone else ever heard of that? be safe out there!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Sounds like a good plan to me.

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