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  1. I've been and RN since June of 1993 and fell into Med-Surg nursing here in Virginia at one of the Veteran's Hospitals. My son is now in college and I'm restless due to my discontent in the direction my career has gone so I've started doing research to find a new niche. It is kind of disheartenin to find that even in the UK, we as RNs experience the same problems of being overworked and underappreciated by patient, families, doctors and such.
    Most times, i just want to go away somewhere and start over fresh. But at present I still have a personal obligation to get my son through college.
    Life is funny, huh?
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  3. by   bethin

    I think alot of nurses go through what you're going through. I know after working 5 years in med surg I'm ready to move on. I hope you find your niche.