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  1. Hi, I am a prospective nursing student. I've been accepted into the LVN program at Lassen Comm. College and a two year RN program at the Robert Ross International Nursing School. I really want to take advantage of this offer to go to an International school. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of this school? Any graduates out there? I know the school is new, only 2 years old. They are located in the carribean on the isle of St. Kitts. Their US affiliates are fully accredited but the St. Kitts school is not at this time. It is very expensive. I want to know is it worth it. My goal is to become a travel nurse hopefully international... They say that upon graduation you are able to work anywhere in the British Isles and of course the US. You receive two diplomas one from St. Kitts and one from the US affiliate. Note Lassen does not have an RN program... All the RN programs are miles and miles away... All of which have been impacted hence, long waiting lists..
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    Don't have any info that can be helpful to you but did want to welcome you to this site...
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    Welcome to Allnurses. If you don't get any responses try posting to the forum that corresponds to the state you live in, or the student forum. Good luck.