hello from newbie, and why I decided my 2nd career will be in nursing

  1. [font='courier new']hello everyone,

    [font='courier new']i just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for this great website full of tons of information. i have been reading it for months and finally decided to join after seeing the thread about whether or not you would recommend nursing as a profession. in the beginning threads like that scared me a little and i would like to share why i decided to apply to ns in case others like me are interested.

    [font='courier new']first and foremost i decided to go to ns because i find our bodies fascinating, and i really like science. i would also love to have a job that makes me feel like i contribute to our society and do something worthwhile. i know from reading other posts that it can be a thankless job, but the job i currently have is thankless as well without the satisfaction of directly doing any good to anyone, especially not myself.

    [font='courier new']i am 25 and graduated from a very competitive illustration/graphic design program in a nyc college with a bachelor of art. despite the program being competitive, the teachers being competent, and the school being considered excellent, my ba is worthless (to me anyway). all our teachers insisted that we will be such a hot commodity after graduating and will have no problems getting jobs. going to school in nyc (the land of opportunities) and living 40 min away, i did believe that all these opportunities existed. they didn't unless you wanted to work for free or be an intern with the possibility of getting hired after working like a dog for a year or so. the best starting salary i came across was $27000!!? in nyc you can't even rent a cardboard box for that much. besides, none of the jobs were as creative or autonomous as i thought they'd be, and i didn't have the luxury of being freelance. that doesn't guarantee a steady paycheck or any work at all and i had bills to pay.

    [font='courier new']i ended up accepting a position on long island for a company that is considered "good to work for." it wasn't. even though it was a full time "professional position" that required i work overtime on a weekly basis and that i attend vendor meetings, advertising meetings, manager's meetings...it paid $11 an hour before tax!!! i was even called in on my days off for various meetings, and once my boss even called me while i was on vacation in florida. management was horrendous, pay was miserable (managers that worked there for years were barely making $35000 a yr), and no matter how much you did, it was never enough. no accomplishment was ever celebrated, but even the smallest mistake was blown out of proportion. on top of it people were constantly threatened with losing their jobs. those that did make more money were fired, usually 1 year before retirement so they wouldn't be entitled to their benefits.

    [font='courier new']after a year and a half i quit and got a civil service job for the county i live in. pay is better, but people aren't treated any nicer and this management is even worse. i work in assessment, and the people that go in the field must do a certain # of inspections a week, which means that they work outside whether or not it is pouring, freezing, sweltering all for $35000 - $40000 a yr. assessors often find themselves in unsafe situations to the point that they have to call the police, get insulted or abused by taxpayers unhappy with their property taxes, and when they get back are reprimanded for not getting to enough houses. i luckily got a desk job, but it is so boring i feel like my brain cells are committing suicide.

    [font='courier new']i know that i by no means have tons of working experience, but what i have learned is this: bad situations exist in many places. management is not usually your friend, and there are lots of jobs that use and abuse their workers. for me, a starting salary of $65000 (in my area for nursing grads)for a job that i find interesting and personally rewarding would be a godsend. i am starting a&p in 10 days and i can't wait. i just wanted to send some encouragement to anyone thinking about going to ns that may be getting scared by some of the negative posts like i did. i have a few friends who are nurses, and one going to school for dental hygiene, and so far all of them are happy with their choices.

    [font='courier new']for anyone that read all this, thank you for letting me give my humble opinion.

    [font='courier new']allnurses rocks! :spin:
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  3. by   chuck1234
    Wow...this is a very long post.
    Anyhow, if Chuck could finish the nursing program, why can't you?
    Good luck to whatever you do in the future...
    By the way, nursing program is tough, you really have to work hard for it.
    Have a good day!!!
  4. by   Tweety
    Thansk for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome!
  5. by   Ehope
    Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for welcoming me and reading my really long post.

    I can't wait to start school and really welcome some mental challenges since I really feel like my brain is practically rotting right now. I know it will be hard and hope I'll make it.

    Thanks for your well wishes.
  6. by   mikka
    hi there, welcome to the club. this is one dude that has a supposed rewarding career as a dentist but being in a country where competition is really keen and you never know who your friends really are made me decide to get a second course as a nurse and try my luck in other countries, if I can ever leave in the first place that is.