Hello from New Zealand - Freakin out New Grad here!!

  1. Hello everyone - I have been reading the threads for over 2 hrs and just wanted to say that this site is an amazing resource for newbies like myself ... lots of encouraging, supportive and reassuring words from the wise - its such a huge relief to know that I am not alone feeling so out of my depth with my new job. I will be a regular from now on and look forward to future discussions with great interest...

    PS - I am working in a regional public hospital in the Neurology/Medical Ward using the Primary Care Nursing Model - I am on my 2nd week of orientation with a preceptor who is good and fair but extremely challenging and has high expectations - it will be my 5th day tomorrow and I am to have a total pt load doing full cares with her assistance when needed - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!
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    Welcome! If you're freaking out, you've come to the right place for support. I hope you find the forums helpful. Later on down the road, you can help the next new grad coming along who is freaking out.