Hello from Florida

  1. Hello everyone - I'm a CNA from Florida, looking forward to joining all of you.

    Time and money ran out when I made an attempt at medical school, so I came away from college with a BS in Psychology with aspirations to become an ARNP ... when I get some more time and money.

    My specialty for some years now is Primary Care and Urgent Care - although, like many of you, I worked LTC until my back gave out before I was 25.

    I came here today because I have a legal question (which I'll ask in the correct thread), but I hope to join you guys in a chuckle or two as well.

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    welcome aboard - looks like you have a lot to offer, looking forward to seeing your posts
  4. by   Tweety
    Hi Sara, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.