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  1. Hi allnurses,

    I am a Canadian RN with 11 years experience (eight and a half in Cardio/CV Surgery). My family and I are planning a move to the US in the next couple of months. We were thinking Houston or area! Where would you all suggest that I apply with my experience. I would really love to stay in my specialty. I am writing the NCLEX on July 13th and am studying my but off!!! Any advice would be helpful. Also with 3 kids where would you suggest that we live?
    Thanks in advance.

    If anyone thinks of another place that we might like to live, let me hear it. Requirements are no winter, good pay and low cost of living, and as close to the ocean as can be!! But mainly NO WINTER!
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    We have a great NCLEX forum in the student section and you may want to check out the state forums and post your question. If looking for the TN visa may want to consider the International forum both can be found under the region tab above