HELLO from California!

  1. I am so EXCITED about finding this website!! This is just too cool!

    A little about me....I am 43 and have been a stay at home mom for 7 years up until October of 2004. I then decided to get a part time job (retail YUCK!)and take a class here and there and and found that I LOVE my Med term class. I find it very interesting.

    I have a question that maybe someone can answer or direct me in the right way. I am currently living in California but my husband and I are seriously thinking about moving out to Middle Tennseess. In California, we call them LVN's but in other parts of the country, they are called LPN's. What is the difference other than the letters? If I become a LVN in California, what would have I have to do once I get to Tennessee??

    Thanks so much for your help!!

    Melody :chuckle :Melody:
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    Hi Melody, welcome to allnurses!!

    If I remember correctly, in Texas and California they are called LVNs ... everywhere else they are LPNs. I don't think there is any difference at all. I think all you would have to do to transfer your license to TN is just apply for certification through the TN board of nursing. Depending on when you plan to move to TN, you can always sit for the NCLEX there in TN and get your license that way. That's kind of what I did .... I was going to school in TX but planned to move to AZ after school, so I just waited until I got to AZ and then sat for the NCLEX and was certified through AZ.

    Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    hello and welcome to the wonderful family of allnurses.com. enjoy your stay, and best of luck to you.