Hello, from an excited new nurse!

  1. Good (early) morning, allnurses crew!

    I am a new nurse who is about to have her first two nursing interviews in the next week or two. I am extremely excited, but also very nervous. Advice is welcome!

    Wish me luck!
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  3. by   raindrops1234
    What kind of an interview? If it's a certain specialty, for example oncology, look up specific oncology emergencies. What about the organization? Be able to answer questions about their visions, purpose, etc. And think of some specific cases: how did you deal with a difficult patient? What would you do if two co-workers were fighting and you were in charge? Etc.

    Good luck from one new nurse to another!
  4. by   confettireads
    Raindrops1234, hello! Thank you for the encouragement and advice! This interview is for a new nurse operating room position that I'm extremely excited about. It is one of two interviews I will be having in the next week or so!
  5. by   Nurselily101
    Good luck!!
    Practice in front of a mirror! And remember to have some questions to ask the interviewers!