Hello from across the water

  1. Hi there. I am new to the site and hope this is a means to getting to know what it's like to be in the US, as I hope to be there in a couple of years. I already have family over there, but my hubbie and I fell in love with Virginia and that's where we would like to be.

    At present I work as a community psychiatric nurse, in a lesser known place called Whitley Bay on the North East Coast of England. Whilst Whitley Bay is a bit bleak and down on its knees at present, it is on the way to some of the most spectacular countryside in the UK with crumbling castles etc. I could bore you all to death with the tourist talk, but the city in which I live, Newcastle, is as much fun as our dear capital but a lot smaller.

    Anyway, I hope this message stretches a hand out to all you other hard working nurses, and it would be great to get one back and a 'how do you do'. As they say here in Newcastle 'Ah ya all reet pet?'

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  3. by   donsterRN

    We are very happy you joined us! There's a great group of people hanging out here.
  4. by   suzy253
    Hi & welcome to Allnurses!!!
  5. by   suebird3
    welcome to allnurses.com! just to let you know, we have a uk forum at: https://allnurses.com/forums/f124/ , and the va state forum is at: https://allnurses.com/forums/f178/

  6. by   Thanet
    Hiya Hinnie,

    how's ya been lately? I ken yer yam!

    Well that is about as far as my geordie goes.

    I'm in Canterbury Kent now, and I used to be a CPN too, learn alot of things doing that too!

    I have only been on these boards a few days and I am still having a look see, Everyone here seems to be friendly so enjoy your self.
  7. by   mcdonaldgirl
    welcome to the clan! i am sure you will like the site.

  8. by   RGN1
    Welcome to you! This site is a MAJOR addiction - you have been warned!

    If you're thinking about going to the USA as a nurse I hope you're general trained as well though. Just read all the stickies etc on the UK site they are incredibly informative. There are some wonderful people on here who will gladly give you all the advice they have to give.
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    Welcome to Allnurses!