Hello from a CNA in a LTC facility

  1. Hello All ...

    When I finally get up the courage, is there a topic/category for CNAs, or did I not see it, or at or under which topic/category would it be best to post CNA questions?

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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Pat53 and welcome! I would assume that there is a CNA area, but I am not sure.... There is a whole list of the categories on the main page if you click on "nursing discussions".
  4. by   manna
    You know, I don't know that there is a CNA forum (or maybe I've just overlooked it). You could always try posting in the General nursing discussion area.

    Welcome to allnurses!
  5. by   PBAJS
    Thank you for responding.

    I looked around the web for CNA forums and message boards, found this site along with several others. During the last several weeks, I kept returning here, about twice a day, clicking on the link for "Today's Active Topics". The assistance, compassion and friendliness of the members is great.

    I've been to the main menu and saw "Introduce Yourself" to "The Break Room". There are forums and topics for Agency, LPN, Student, etc. Didn't see any for Certified Nursing Assistants.

    I was working at a CNA/HHA (home health aide) for several years, I am now in a nursing home.

    I have several questions that have NOT been answered at work. At the top of my question list is coding correctness of a form called "ADL Flow Record". Isn't the ADL Flow Record primarily used/completed by CNAs?

    "General Nursing Discussion" seems too "general" but might be the best place.

  6. by   sWolfie
    Hello Pat!!
    I to am a CNA and where I work we are responsible for the ADL's. If you have any more questions, I will try to help ya out the best I can.

    Hope you have a great day!!!