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  1. Hello everyone out there in computer land. I am new to this. I am a LPN and will graduated Dec 15 with my ASN. I have an assignment to complete. I have to post a nursing question and have someone to answer it. This is for a grade so please can anyone help me?
    The question is.....How do you feel about turning in a nurse to the state board, that is using prescription pain medication that they are stealing from work? This nurse is your good friend and she begged you not to tell. You only caught her once and she swore she will never do it again. She was having some back pain and thought she would do it this one time. Do you report her or not?????
    Please post an answer..... Remember it is for a grade.
    Thank you, Honeybee75
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses!

    If you have not already done so, I think you are more likely to get some responses if you post this question in the Nursing Student Assistance Forum. A different title referencing this as a question for school might be helpful as well. Good Luck!
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    Thank you very much for your input. I have posted on a different forum as well. Thanks for you time.
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    I would report this person, even if it was my very best friend in the world. It's against the law to streal narcotics and I'm bound by my own ethics to report this person. I would report it to my manager, however, I wouldn't contact the board directly myself. I would probably be doing this person a favor because they need help.
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    I too would have to report this friend to the nursing manager and from there is is out of your hands. My understanding is that If there is a nurse who is or may be diverting drugs and you knowingly don't report this you are at more of a risk of losing your license than they are, they will likely be placed on probation and have to go to a diversion program but you, you will also face disciplinary actions for not reporting. The rational is that you really don't know if this friend really may have a problem and its not your call to make because if she does in fact have a problem then she needs help but then what excuse do you have for not reporting should this "friend" get caught on another occasion. Be safe and report. Your license is a precious thing to lose or risk losing. No matter what follow the guidelines Set by the BRN and the hospital you work in. The Nurse with a drug problem has an excuse and will get help be you have none. I believe this information is in the Ethics and Law book for nursing. any friend should never put another friend in this kind of position. YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!!!
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    this thread is from 2006 and I don't think OP has been back for a long time
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