Hello everyone--I am new to this site!!

  1. hello,

    i am currently in an adn program in kansas. i am the mother of two little ones. they are 4 and 7. i am married to a great guy who is letting me fullfill my dream to become a nurse. :spin: i will be taking the boards for lpn in the next couple of weeks. i am a little nervous, but excited at the same time. school begins next week for me and i can not wait. this is my last year before i become a register nurse. i came to this site in hopes to find some friends i can chat with and maybe get some advice from as i complete this last year. i am looking forward to hearing from all of you.
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  3. by   heyhey
    Good for you! I can feel your excitement. I am an ADN. I was a LPN. I'm trying to find a good online BSN program to finish. Know of any? I am also new to this site. My first day!
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
  5. by   soon_to_be_nurse
    It's great to hear from you!! I am not familiar with any online BSN program, but that is so exciting. Welcome to the site!!!!