Hello Everyone and fellow nursing students

  1. I am not new to this forum but kinda lol.... I live in Austin Tx and will be going to Temple College next yr. I have already went to ACC for LVN but due to extenuating circumstances I had to drop to reorganize priorities. Now, I am ready and I am re-entering the nursing program soon and am getting back to the basics. I currently started a new position at an assisted living facility to utilize my CNA although I have not used much I have kept active since 2006. Just to get my feet wet again in the field. I have been in Marketing and love it however my passion is for Nursing. Anyhow, I am just wanting to read and speak to other students and get feedback on information while I wait and utilize this site as it is intended for.

    Thanks to ALL........
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    welcome to the cite....definitely checkout the student forum....aloha~

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    Glad to meet ya FoxydivaATX.
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    Welcome to the site.

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