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  1. After googling and stalking all nurses boards during nursing school for advice I've decided to join lol :-) I'm a new BSN (graduated dec08'/received my license last month) working in an acute care rotation program at a large teaching hospital in Florida. So far I've rotated on a tele/step down unit and I'm finishing my primary care rotation (get a lot of sicke cell, SNF patients on antbx, private) and I just found out I will be going to rehab next! I'm excited about my nursing future and eventually plan to do travel nursing once I get some more experience under my belt and figure out if I can combine my love of cardiac and oncology nursing. I really enjoy reading everyone's posts and sponging up all the excellent advice from seasoned nurses to fellow newbies alike. :spin:
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Nice to meet you. Welcome!