Hello Everyone!!

  1. Hi!
    My name is Summer and I came across this site while doing my usual nursing research and I LOVE all that this site has to offer. I am actually a pre-nursing student on the long waiting lists, patiently waiting for a door to open. I am thinking about doing an LVN program in the meantime while I wait. I am here for advice and to vent with other people who have either been in my position or are currently.

    I am looking forward to gaining a lot of knowledge and advice from everyone!!!

    Have a great weekend!! I look forward to meeting people!

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    welcome summer. Hope the wait isn't too long! i just finished nursing school in december and I know all the anxiety that goes along with it. Just try to focus on school and learn from every experience. You will have days when you doubt yourself and feel like crap, but just remember that you are there to learn and that all you can do is your best.
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    Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Hi Summer, welcome to allnurses!!
  7. by   shaagsma
    Thanks for all the welcomes!! Happy Monday!