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  1. Hello everyone!!! I Live in Ventura County in a small town just 10 miles away!!I am currently a CNA and attending Ventura College to get my RN !!! I have just applyed at the Simi Valley Adult School for the LVN program that starts in June . Have any advice if i should bridge or keep on going to VC to Get In The Program the only problem is its a 1 1/2 on the waiting list???
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    Going the LVN to RN route probably might shorten the time frame to get your RN, so I would go for that if you get in. Good luck and welcome!
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    did you get selected in simi valley adult school?
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    good luck
    make sure you check out the student section
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    is there a waiting list for either school..might choose the one that you can get into quicker
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