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  1. I am actually returning,i recently changed my email address.I am in L&D this week and i need a careplan for a woman in labor.What nursing dx can i use?Can anyone help me please.Thanks in advance.
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    hi, nursgirl2!

    i want to make sure that you realize that any careplan and particularly the nursing diagnoses that you pick rely on the symptoms your patient is having. you should do an assessment of your patient just like any med/surg patient and look at the abnormal data which you will use to back up your nursing diagnoses.

    here are some ideas for possible nanda nursing diagnoses for the woman in active labor. understand that after birth there will be problems that may need to be addressed that are not on this list.
    • acute pain
    • impaired urinary elimination
    • readiness for enhanced family coping
    • ineffective coping
    • deficient knowledge
    • decreased cardiac output
    • deficient fluid volume
    • impaired tissue integrity
    • fatigue
    • anxiety
    • death anxiety
    • risk for powerlessness
    • risk for injury: fetal
    • risk for infection
    • risk for impaired skin integrity
    • risk for deficient fluid volume
    • risk for ineffective airway clearance [in the newborn]
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