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  1. Hi there!
    My name is Angela and I am married to Jason and we just moved over to the West Coast. We came from the East Coast to the West coast. He is in the Navy and gone sometimes. It is hard during that time but well worth it when I get to see him again.
    I have worked as a CNA for several years in both the state of Texas and Georgia. I loved the job and my patients as well. You get so attatched and become so close to them as a caregiver. Key word being care! While living in Georgia which was so close to the Florida line I attended school to become a Medical Assistant. I want to go further into nursing a little at a time due to when I get my degree I figured working as an MA I could get a feel of which field to get my Bachelors degree in. I intend on becoming a specialty nurse. I do not know if I will go as far as RN as of yet. The plan is to become an LVN. If I do go forth with the RN I would like to go on to PA, but that is debatable at this point. First, work as an MA and who knows I may just stick with that if that is what is intended for me.
    I have two boys John and Michael. Michael is 13 and knows it all right now. John is eight and following his big brothers every move. They are great children. Without the support of them and my husband I would not have made it through going to class five days a week. They were very good to me although sometimes trying but hey I made it through.
    I also have endometriosis severly. I have experienced everything in every detail numerous times. So much that at this point no more surgeries until I have to have one. The last time I took the Lupron I had a toxic reaction to it. I figured after taking it five times that was good enough. I too had a hysterectomy at 25 but still have part of the L ovary and all of the R ovary. This was quite an ordeal while working as a CNA and the docs said I could no longer lift my patients. I had to assist them in some way so I still did my work, but you only have one body and cannot trade it in. HA! I so would at 31 too. HA HA! So, I decided to go further into something I could do at the time. It was hard but worth it all. However, I did miss my patients and had to visit them.
    Well, that is me! If anyone can tell me how to recertify in the state of Washington please HELP! I tried searching online and all I get is silly stuff. Thanks for reading about me! Take care of you!
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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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