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  1. :spin: hi guyzz.. i'm new here.. i really find allnurses.com very interesting ang quite helpful for us (new nurses). i'm a 2005 graduate and successfully passed the nle the same year. i had 6 months volunteer experience here in our town as a general ward nurse. among the various cases i handled, i've realized that i'm more at ease in handling medical and surgical patients. it was really challenging to care for patients with varied cases(from pediatric to geriatric..from simple cases to complex one..and from less-time-bedside care to dreadful-one-on-one-bedside care) anyway, i guess its how nurses are supposed to be..flexible,with strong human relations skills and able to relate to diverse personalities. i'm currently waiting for my visa (saudi arabia) i've decided to try my luck as a nurse there while waiting for the progress of my application in us. i've already passed my cgfns and ielts and i'm proud to say that i already have my cgfns certificate. and soon.. my us licence(heheh..how i wish) i'm still single and i'm the eldest among 4 siblings. hope to make new friends here. thank you
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    Welcome to the boards!
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    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!