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  1. Hi every body Iam kelly I want to go to nursing school, and I have lots of questions in my mind and I got this wonderful site. so I registerd and here Iam.
    My question is Iam planning to go to LPN, and some one told me it is better to finish RN in two years than LPN, I want to know which is best option, please experts out there explain me the differrence. thankyou
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  3. by   dbsn00
    Welcome to allnurses! I'm a LPN & I'm going back for my RN this fall. If you're young & don't have many expenses I would go the RN route (if you go full time you can get your ADN in 2 years). You'll have a lot more opportunities open to you as a RN. While I don't regret being a LPN in any way it sets limits to where & what you can practice. Just my opinion, good luck whichever route you choose!
  4. by   Tweety
    I agree with the above. Go the RN route if you are able to. The salary difference is and the job opportunities for the RN is better.

    Good luck and welcome!
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