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  1. hello everyone!!! i will be a student nexrt year hopefully i have to move to get proper care for two of my sons...and the school here expects me to wait until 2009 to go to school i was #30 on that list...i refuse to wait that long.

    i have a qustion ...other than the usual classe i have to take to be an RN what other classes should i take to be more knowledgable and more desirable as a nurse for hospice care and what of the med/surg. dept???

    please respond asap anyone ps...i hate those long waiting lists i think we all doLOL
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    at home mom until i move(i will have proper daycare arrang. then)
    Specialty: CNA at present until i am don with schoo


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    Hi, Trinity123_A!

    Having just gone through hospice experience with my mother, I would have to say it is very important to know how to interact with people. So, interpersonal communication skills would be very important. If your college has any classes in Communication or Basic Communication it might be very helpful.

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