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  1. hello to all of you. i'm an RN from texas who is now living here in temecula, california. i haven't been in active practice for quite sometime but now i want to renew my texas license. they are requiring me to have a refresher course amd i'm wondering if anybody out there knows of program i can attend preferably somewhere near here in temecula, either in San diego or Corona. thanks and God Bless.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! Are you planning to move back to Texas soon?
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you! Welcome!
  5. by   RNinSoCal
    I don't know of any in your area but there is one at Azusa Pacific University. I took it 3 years ago. It was 2 evening nights and clinicals on Saturday at Glendale Adventist. I know that is a long drive for you. Maybe if you contact them they will know of other refresher courses.
    Their progam worked for me, I got a job 2 weeks after I finished the course.
    Best of luck.
  6. by   ang_nurse
    thank you for the info. will try calling them.
  7. by   lynnr_98
    I live in Temecula also. You just missed the refresher course that started in September through California State University San Marcos. They just started offering clinicals at Rancho Springs Medical Center this year. Their website is http://www.csusm-es.org/nursing. I believe the next class starts in February 2007. It's pretty costly but Palomar Pomerado Hospital (about 30 miles from Temecula) offers scholarships if you go to work for them afterward. Hope this helps!