Hello and Greetings to every NURSE!

  1. Hi to all nurses,
    I would like to tell every nurse that you have chosen the greatest profession in taking good care of every person sick or well. The love you show is for real and with great healing properties. Continue the good work. I have just graduated as a nurse last march 2006. Took the local board exam last june 2006 and passed it. Well as it was there was some untoward incident that happened which was not of any examinees doing but of those people who were not going to take the board exam who tried to help the examinees by giving out some exam questions two days before the exam day which is now known as the leakage scandal. On my part as an examinee I was ready to take the local board exam without expecting any advance notice of questions that would be given on the actual date. So whether their was any leakage of questions in advance or not I know I answered those local board exam questions to the best of my ability. And now I am getting ready once again to take the US RN licensure exam or nclex. I hope that everyone who knows about our local exam here in the Philippines which we passed last june 2006 would not think that we have not proven our integrity and competency for this can only be proven when we are in the actual line of duty and not in theory. By the way my first profession is that of a practicing dentist for the last 22 years and received my local license in 1984 the year I graduated in doctor of dental medicine. Thank you and I wish to hear any reaction or comments and meet new friends.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you.
  4. by   noelct692
    Thank you for spending a little bit of your precious time to browse over my note. I hope that we could be much more in contact so that I may learn more from your experienced wisdom in this profession. God bless!